How to come to the store without creating (forbidden) crowds and queues.

Dear Customer,

the FotoColombo

in time of corona virus, suggests using the delivery service directly at home with the courier even for those who might come to the store.

This is the current orientation of online markets now cleared and legitimized, unfortunately also due to the coronavirus.

In this period, thanks to the GLS type couriers, with whom we collaborate, they have done and are still doing miracles to deliver thousands of packages at their own risk.

with very few reports of late deliveries on the days indicated despite all the difficulties of the case.

We sincerely thank those who have understood this and have turned a blind eye if any delivery has exceeded and will still exceed in time while the others

who are really very few we apologize and to have only a moment of patience: the truth is before all of us what happened and how the world has changed.

The coronavirus has also profoundly affected the relationship between seller and buyer for traditional collection directly in-store.

So our company has had to find new methods for how to deal with you who come directly to the store and there are many of you, to try to avoid unnecessary risks due to queues and forbidden gatherings.

You should not risk your health to go shopping for the collection of material or to take advantage of information directly in the store with our representatives.

We have therefore created a unique and first system in the national computer-managed market:

just book your visit to be able to come to us safely: we did it for everyone's health.

We apologize if anyone does not agree but we certainly do not expect it,

It would just be a matter of following these simple rules:

1) Notes for those who place the order from home to buy material

It has become, at least for now, mandatory and the only way to collect it directly from us (please do not insist otherwise).

On this point, compared to before the coronavirus, only the fact that the withdrawal, after having indicated the order, changes substantially

it can be chosen on the date and time you prefer in order to find the material ready on arrival in the store.

All this will be managed in a maximum time of 15 minutes in order to avoid waiting queues

- This also applies to those who also had used material to sell that was to be verified and evaluated

- If you have more than 1 product to evaluate as used, it is advisable to open 2 requests perhaps one after the other as time:

one for assistance and the other with the order of the material to buy even if bound by the collection of used items.

For the payment you can choose to pay by following the following instructions

a) Bank transfer: you must be up to date with the payment before collection, if there is a delay agreed with us, you can move the date of collection.

b) Installment financing: the financing will be done from home together with our representative on the phone without coming to the shop, giving the necessary data to the financial company

- Once accepted, you can come to the store on a set date if confirmed.

c) Credit card from home or you can do it directly in the store

d) Check and cash up to € 2999 (unless the law changes) can be done directly in the shop.

2) Notes for those who want only technical information or requests for repairs without necessarily having to make purchases.

Nothing changes with respect to those who place the order to buy: they must always place the order by entering the reason for the visit with the appropriate article (see)

We will therefore wait for him to take passport photos as to get information of any kind or request cleaning of sensors etc ...

You will have 10/15 minutes as for purchases to get answers to your requests or to accept repairs or to collect previous repairs

This time only to proceed to receive the appointment of the next customer in the queue who has already booked.

If you have different needs, you can talk about it quietly and directly on the phone during the times specified on the site.

- We could also call us with the service telephone requesting our telephone intervention at least 2/4 hours before with an email

indicating an approximate hour considering the following times: morning 10.00-13.00 and afternoon 15.20-18.00.

Thanks for your attention

by the staff of Fotocolombo