What does it mean to buy with

Price on reservation?

Delivery in the month of ...?

It simply means

program first

blocking the price

with advance payment

in exchange you have a


So if you want to save

and you are not in a hurry

we propose articles marked with

Price on reservation

o Delivery in the month of ..

Unfortunately it is very common for shops to be found on the internet

offering articles at attractive prices

always falsely declaring

as available material not available.

Don't be fooled:

if you are interested in their price

we answer you by saying:

If you wait ... we surpass it!

Prices are lower than our normal selling price

So let's start by clearly saying that I am

Items declared as NOT available and / or by reservation

and could be processed unless a different period is specified

in the arc on average

from 10 to 30 working days from payment.

over 30 days for new products

(news means products released less than 6 months ago)

It may be that there are perfectly identical items entered several times at different prices:

1) With availability at a certain price -This will be processed immediately in the times marked after confirmation

2) With a price on reservation: this will presumably be processed between 10/30 working days *

Precisely because the product is not available, it is further discounted, beyond our. usual discount.

Therefore this formula was born to reward the customer who has confidence in our company e

pay in advance within 2 days

the ordered product from the order.

By doing this, 2 advantages are obtained:

1) It freezes the price, thus avoiding price increases.

If the order is not paid within 2 days or only a deposit is given, the price is not blocked **

2) If you pay within 2 days from the order, you are placed on a priority order list

having already made the payment.

3) For offers proposed with more products in case of lack of a product combined with the main product

given in combination, these will be replaced with one of equal value,

at the discretion of the photo colombo and no money will be returned

So after ordering, to keep the price the payment must be done within 2 days from the order.

If not paid within 2 days, the price will not be confirmed and the order will be processed,

however, after your reconfirmation, at the price indicated on our website at the time of shipment

which will be based on availability at the moment.

After 30 working days * from the transfer and not receiving the goods, you can cancel the order and request a refund

of the amount transferred without any penalty on both sides, only if paid by bank transfer or cash.

Important: from the price on reservation only in case

payment by credit card, debit card, paypal

or in any case any payment other than bank transfer or cash

, in case of cancellation by Vs only the price of the object will be refunded e

of the relative shipment, with the exclusion of credit card, debit card, paypal management costs

* The deadline of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days for delivery, etc. is however indicative

and specifically the 30 days is valid only for items on the market for at least 6 months, not for news

where the refund can be requested after 60 working days from the date of the transfer.

The goods arrival dates indicated are based on arrival forecasts provided directly

from the parent company or estimated by the photo colombo on the basis of the historical trend.

The actual delivery to our. warehouses could however be extended without notice

due to external events. FotoColombo and its suppliers are in no way responsible

for any delays with respect to the arrival forecasts indicated therein

** In the event, however, the price and conditions of sale change, the difference will be refunded with

a good discount to use for a new order of material listed in a specific list,

after 30 days from receipt of goods. No money is returned.