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Information on delivery times of a product (to read)

What it means products: Orderable - Available - Not available

Let's start by saying that on our site there are products reported in the product sheet in a different way including: orderable or as available or as Not available.

Since product delivery times are a very important aspect it is important to clarify the differences

1) The products with the wording "orderable" are not available immediately from us but are from our external supplier.

They will then be purchased, only after an order, from one of our suppliers who indicates them to us as available.

So these products so indicated will never be available in stock from us if not only upon reservation by you.

It is like making a reservation knowing however that the product is available because it finds the writing that can be ordered at the time of your order.

If they are not ordered, they will never be available in stock in our shop: this leads to an increase in delivery times since we have to order them at our time.

That's why where you can find the written order, the delivery days indicated are for the historical average from 3/4/5 days to 10 working days excluding holidays, bridges etc ...

there is no way to indicate them more precisely: there are too many factors that affect arrival times,

Once received, they will be shipped if shipping to an indicated address has been chosen

or if you choose to collect in the store, you can collect your order directly from us in Merate.

Unfortunately it is not possible to keep tens of thousands of items immediately available in our shop.

2) On the other hand, the products declared available are different: these are already present in our shop unless we update the site.

These have a delivery if sent within 1/3 working days (+1 days x islands and barring unforeseen circumstances by the courier)

and / or with collection in store within 1 max 2 days from the order at your choice

Withdrawn from the store directly, you can pay on collection, unless otherwise agreed with advance payments, etc.,

If for personal needs you ask for a collection in the store or a shipment beyond 2 days from our order confirmation

to keep the product apart and the price of the order will be enough, upon agreement, pay at least 20% of the deposit as a confirmatory deposit

3) Products not available.

However, it is advisable to place the order which is without obligation on both sides so you enter a priority list and you will be notified upon arrival of the product and

only if it is still needed or if it has been confirmed will it be processed.

You do not pay in advance unless otherwise agreed.

In summary

The site is divided into different macro areas:,, with more than 35,000 articles

that we make available for consultation and also .. for the purchase of course at very attractive prices

Articles that you can consult from the comfort of your home both at night and during the day

thus avoiding being continually looking for the desired product

among other physical stores discovering most of the time that they too have to order them with the same problems as ours.

We are always open for orders .... simply by using the site!

It is also very important to consider the updating of the website availability could lead to change without notice

the indication from orderable or available to unavailable and unavailable to available (useful if one has placed the order)

For this reason, if you have decided, do not hesitate to place the order immediately or as soon as possible before the material ends:

due to the number of people who connect to us and in these times of pandemic it is not easy to get the goods quickly

Since our e-commerce site is indispensable, it will be necessary to place the order: it is the fastest and most precise thing with priority in evasions.

In doing so, you will eventually receive by email a summary pdf of everything you have entered in the order: chosen model, address, costs, type of payment etc ...

You will not have to pay immediately but only after our confirmation from our supplier of the actual availability.

There is also the possibility of making interest-free loans starting from a minimum of 350 euros.