Kamera points are only valid under the following conditions:

1) The order where they are marked must be purchased in its entirety.

and the material must have been delivered in any case.

2) Kamera points cannot be used on the same order but in one order

at least 20 days after the payment of the order, for a minimum amount of 150,00 euros

provided that the order that generated it has been duly paid and not returned or has a right of withdrawal.

and are valid only for a purchase and can no longer be used after 60 days from the order that generated them

If the purchase is less than the value of the discount points used, the difference will not be refunded

3) The Kamera points will be added to your account after the goods have been paid for

and collected and / or delivered: not earlier than 15 days after the invoice or receipt is issued

4) Kamera points can be used, as indicated in the order,

no earlier than 20 days from the withdrawal or receipt of the product linked to the voucher.

5) If you have not received the points because they were not sent by us, they will still be extended (upon your request)

only if an order has been placed within the period of validity of the points acquired and not shipped

order that in any case is no later than 6 months from the time of the order.

After 6 months from the order that generated the points, the same points will expire even if they have not been received and it will no longer be possible to recover them.

It is not possible to purchase Gift Cards with points

For in-store purchases without an order or for telephone orders, you are not entitled to points:

Please do not insist out of respect for whoever places the order.

The crediting of Kamera points starts from 24 March 2016 and the expiry (unless otherwise indicated for promotions) of the points to be used is every six months from the date of purchase.

in any case no later than 180 days from the date of the order

and in any case no later than 20-12-2023 unless otherwise specified

Minimum trolley to be able to use points 150,00 euros

6) Products returned connected with the discount points will be considered as value

net of the vouchers acquired or used

7) The value of the discount points is understood to include VAT in force

and must be used only for the purchase of an order on the website www.fotocolombo.it

it is not possible to exchange it for money in any way

8) Discount points can only be used once

If the purchase is less than the value of the discount points, the difference is not refunded.

9) For material not delivered because it is no longer available or finished, even if ordered and confirmed e

paid previously, the points will not be delivered and any money previously paid will be returned.

10) Orders paid without our confirmation will not be considered valid for points even if paid