There are several payment and shipping possibilities on our site: FotoColombo gives you the opportunity to find the cost of your shipment before the actual order, which can be, at your choice, insured or uninsured.

The cost may vary according to the weight and size of the object and the type of payment (bank transfer, credit cards, checks with Centax verification etc ...).

You have the possibility to simulate the order without giving your data in order to first verify the exact amount. Then you can decide whether to continue by providing your data in order to complete the order.

How to place an order:

1) Insert the desired products in the cart

2)) Choose how to collect the goods if with a courier or at our point of sale)

3) Choose your preferred type of payment (Cash, bank transfer, checks, CC..etc ...).

Credit Card
Click here


It will be connected to the bank's secure server where you can enter safely

your credit card details.

The shipment and invoicing of the goods will be carried out

exclusively to the cardholder.

Wire Transfert

Summary of details for bank transfer

(for those who have chosen this type of payment)



Iban: IT61V0306951531100000011248




If the transfer is made by a different person

from whom withdraws must specify in the notes of the transfer the name with the nr. of the identity card

or other identification document of whoever collects the material

Otherwise, a proxy will be required for the withdrawal by the bank transfer executor

holder of the civil code from which the transfer was made in favor of the withdrawer.

The goods will leave after the credit check: average time 3/4 working days + 1/2 days for shipping.

There is no need to send or fax the transfer made: you have to wait for it to actually be

credited to our CC with the times indicated.

These are the times necessary for the banks to turn the transfer amount from your to our. Bank account.

Online transfers made from home also have the same timing.

Do not make urgent bank transfers because we are charged the commission costs which in the case will have to be reimbursed.

(Temporarily not active)

In the case of unauthorized prepayment, with Paypal and for any reason the sale

is not made, payments made without our authorization will be removed

for order management and commissions a percentage of 4.5% on the amount paid.