Profoto - EasyStand XL

Profoto | FID: 64770 | EAN: | Cod: 101092
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This is a 7' Extra Large Easy Stand by Profoto. The Easy Stand Series includes three, mono-post wheeled stands that make positioning of Profoto, or virtually any small to medium studio lighting fixture...easy.
This extra large model has a stable and solid runner with a counterweight that travels in the center column. It will provide "zero-gravity" manual control assistance for a load of up to 48.5 lbs (22kg). However, the stand will support a total fixture weight of up to 103.6 lbs (47kg).
The crossarm and 5/8 inch stand adapter can rise to a maximum height of 7.3 feet. The minimum height of the arm is 13.5 inches, but a lower elevation can be achieved by reversing the stud and hanging your strobe head upside down from the bottom of the arm (Hot light Fresnel users reverse the yoke, do not invert the fixture).
Two lighter duty models are available: #505-617, with counterweight and
#505-616, which does not have a counterweight.
Perfectly suited for Fresnel and Zoom Spots, small light banks, diffusion screens, and normal heads with huge reflectors.
Platform on base supports your flash power pack or HMI ballast.
Locking wheels prevent drift on uneven floors.
Locking standard Baby (5/8") stud accepts most fixtures may be reversed for lower elevations.

Maximum Load 103.6 lbs (47 kg)
Attachment Size Baby 5/8"
Accepts Wheels Yes - included
Air Cushioned No - Counterweight balanced
Closed Length Not applicable
Footprint Diameter 15.75 x 17.75" (40 x 45 cm)
Minimum Height 13.5" (34 cm)
Maximum Height 7.3' (2.25 m)
Weight 103.4 lbs (47 kg)