Transport, Costs and Delivery Times

Our shipments are all carefully packed and will be shipped after confirmation and verification of the order data e

the availability of the goods, with delivery on average from 1-3 working days (+ 1/2 days for islands or particular locations.)

Shipments are made from Monday to Friday except when they are holidays or bridge days.

Fotocolombo made shipments only in Italy and only with the GLS courier.

Orders to leave on the same day must be made and then confirmed by us by 1.00 pm (barring various unforeseen events)

After this deadline they will be sent at a later date.

Delivery is 1-3 days on average: for islands and particular locations 1/2 days more.

In the case of a written request for a change of address to be made before the package leaves or is declared ready with the shipment via email of the tracking number

the amount of 10 euros + VAT for the exchange itself must be paid and there could be a displacement of the shipment for at least 1 day.

In the case of a change of address with the shipment already in the hands of the courier and / or a delivery has already been proven for the change of address

the sum of € 25 including VAT must be paid because it is considered as another shipment by the courier.

Estimated delivery times also vary based on packing time as well as selected shipping service and payment method.

FotoColombo is not responsible for any delays in transit during the shipping service.

Transit times may vary, especially during holidays, bridges, strikes or unforeseen events

For those who already have an agreement with a courier, they can easily renounce our only national service with GLS.

You will only have to add 10 euros + VAT for the preparation of the package with national shipping in the Italian territory.

with a standard size or greater than 10 euros if it exceeds the measures of 20x30x30.

In this case, the shipment is at your expense and you must authorize us in writing to deliver the goods under your responsibility to the courier of your choice.

The package can be collected by your representative after 17.00 or the next morning from 10.30 to 12.00.

What do we mean by including shipping

1) Shipping included means that shipping is included in the price of the product and on average (excluding particular locations - See list-)

it is considered within 15+ VAT for courier costs, expenses and packaging material up to 3kg

- over 3 kg up to 10 kg are 25 euros + VAT

- over 10 kg there is an additional 10 euro flat rate + VAT for each fraction of 10 kg up

For particular locations: Venice, Vatican City, San Marino and zip code indicated at the time of filling in the shipping address

with in addition all the Italian islands of any type and province are, with the sole and exclusive exclusion of Sardinia and Sicily

shipping and packaging costs may have an addition of 20 euros + VAT to the standard cost.

In the case of collection in the store, the shipping is not refunded.

By placing a product in the cart with shipping included and others without

including shipping, all products in the cart take shipping

included up to a maximum of 13 euros including VAT.

Exceeding 13 euros including VAT, the program is able to calculate the difference that will be added to the cart

The shipping costs will still be in the billing phase separated from the cost of the item

2) They are excluded from shipping because they are optional and at your choice:

a) Insurance costs

Remember that if you do not want the insurance costs, you are liable

of the shipment when we give the package to the courier,

it is no longer of our competence

Storage costs or non-delivery costs are charged to the recipient.

b) The costs of cash on delivery, Paypal which vary according to the amount